A Tamil Nadu style curry, Kongunadu Chicken Curry Recipe that goes well with both ghee rice or appam. Serve it as Sunday brunch and enjoy this hearty meal with your family.

     Kongunadu Chicken Curry Recipe is an authentic recipe from Tamil Nadu. In this delicious recipe we have made a base of whole spices and onions cooked with marinated chicken. The addition of coconut and poppy seeds add body to the curry. 

     Kongunadu cuisine basically originates from the western part of the Tamil Nadu region.  The cuisine is known for its exotic flavors and most of the dishes are marinated well thus giving it a different texture and flavor to the dish.

          Serve the Kongunadu Chicken Curry Recipe along with Ghee Rice Recipe Neychoru  or Kerala Style Appam Recipe with a side of Seer Fish Fry Recipe for a simple lunch.